Radiant Truth Group

Women & Men Joining Forces to:

Tune In


Lighten Up



Sacred Space - Ceremony - Spirit

Six Senses
New Moon Magic

Themes of Growth + Expansion

Monthly Gatherings - Third Fridays

7:30-9:30 p.m. (arrive 5-10 min early, if possible)
Currently searching for a beautiful new home for our groups
Stay Tuned and Attuned!

What to Wear/Bring/Be:

  • Comfortable clothing for movement + relaxation
  • Layers + sox for warmth
  • Yoga mat/towel or scarf for sitting/lying down
  • Eye cover/scarf
  • Journal + pen
  • Crystal/rock/other nature object to cleanse + power up (if you desire)
  • Water/tea/kombucha/coconut water to stay hydrated
  • Open minded + kind hearted
  • Willing to let your imagination loose + be fully present
  • Solo, or with a friend/partner
  • $25 cash
  • NOTE: If you arrive after 7:30 please enter and join the group very quietly if we are already in meditation/journey mode

Masculine + Feminine = Balance + Strength

How is this different from a yoga class/workshop?

Most yoga teachers focus on moving the body. The good ones also give strong focus to breath and presence, and sometimes spiritual inspiration.

The Radiant Truth Flow focuses on moving the energy of the psyche (subconscious and soul) + body, supported by breath and connection to spirit + the natural realm + each other.

Qualities of Our Sharing

The energy and expressions we share with each other in our group imbue these qualities:

  • Uplifting
  • Inspiring
  • Earthy + Natural
  • Soulful + Spiritual
  • Magical, Mythical, Mysterious

Questions + Collaborations

Have questions?
Have a story/poem/song/other creative expression that imbues the positive qualities above, and that you would like to share?
Email me to discuss.

Dorothy LaRue, C.Ht.

Hosted By:

Dorothy LaRue, C.Ht.